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It’s common to hear many marketers complain that traffic exchanges don’t work and they don’t use them for their work at home business. While I don’t deny that I have never made an extensive study on how these people arrived at such conclusions, I can only guess that these people do not really understand traffic exchanges enough to take advantage of a very powerful business platform. This article hopes to show some of the best known approaches of many successful marketers who use traffic exchanges to generate unstoppable traffic for their home business opportunities.

What To Promote In A Traffic Exchange

Many people fail to understand that you should be promoting the traffic exchange first before promoting your work at home business. These are the people who often do not have a real marketing plan for their business and follow a short term vision of making money online – lots of it and fast. They may find some initial success, however this is short-lived as their efforts are usually unsustainable. Eventually, many will be left disappointed in their home business venture.

On the contrary, having good planning that follows a business marketing plan and tracking your results is a good, sound business practice. You can start by joining many good traffic exchanges, perhaps about 10 as a start growing to as many as 40 eventually when your home business grows. Your initial strategy after joining them should be to build as many referral downlines as humanly possible. Downlines are those people who join you in the same traffic exchange. Many traffic exchanges have their own rules, but most of them have unlimited downline tiers for you.

Unfortunately, some marketers in your downline may not become your serious business partners. I would dare say if you can get a 10% good people who actively promote and build your lower tier downlines, this would be a fair result. So try to set some achievable targets like building 300 people in your downline within the next 6 months. If you focus on growing this downline, eventually you will succeed and begin to experience a massive amount of traffic visiting your site.

Use The Right Business Tools

In order to see the light of your well-conceived marketing plan or strategy, you do need to find good home business tools to achieve your result. One of the best traffic generating programs that you can join is Traffic Tornado, which has 28 different traffic exchanges under its wings. This unique downline referral builder allows promoting several programs together. Besides building traffic faster, it lets you extend your marketing reach to a wider audience. Promoting these programs generates traffic from the activity of members that you introduce.
Download and use a software called Mozilla Firefox. It is a very powerful and easy to use web browser, which has the ability to open multiple sites and windows inside a single browser task. The great thing about this program is that multiple pages can be saved as a group and reopened together (your
start page addresses). You'll be able to surf with 10 of your traffic exchanges at the same time. Using this method, a surfer can easily generate a thousand hit credits within an hour. I am sure this would be a real encouragement too if you are just starting a home business.

Building An Opt-in List

Traffic Exchanges can help you grow your leads and opt-in list for your home business. There are two good ways to do this by introducing Splash Page and Squeeze Page.

Splash Page

Splash pages are fast loading pages designed to get better results using the traffic exchanges. Remember always that the person viewing your page is primarily concerned with generating traffic to their site and want to do so in as little time as possible. If you have a great big long page with your offer no matter how well written the odds are against you. You need to do something creative that will grab their attention quickly.

Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is used like a splash page but with an email capture form on it from an auto responder. The best way is to find a product or write an email series to give away to get them to join up to your list.

From Leads To Customers

If you have a system to convert leads into customers, traffic exchanges can be an excellent low cost addition to your marketing portfolio. When properly used, you can generate leads at a low cost.

In conclusion, you can see how a traffic exchange, if used properly, can really help your Work At Home Business reach greater heights. If only more people take the trouble to understand it a little better, there would be lesser internet marketers proclaiming that traffic exchanges do not work.

WRITER: Peter Lee
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